Hey Readers,

Updating after a really long time.  A lot has changed since I started this business a month ago.  Picking up Clients everyday--most everyone I talk to is calling because they are sensitive to chemicals, health conscious, have children or pets, or know a good thing when they see it!

Just got done with several treatments today--Treating two residential clients, one with Ant Problems and another with a new renovation.  Then I headed over to my largest client 221 North Main Street (it is going to be nice!) to treat the full Service restaurant and Basement.  I have the greatest Clients!  Love getting to know them and learning how I can help them...

Anyway, enough personal--Let's get to the meat.  The bleeding edge of Pest Control...

Well, my last post was about using MycoPesticides / Biological Pesticides to control Termites and Fire Ants and Carpenter Ants.  This post is about that, as well as, using target specific Fungi to kill and inoculate properties for a lot longer than traditional Botanical or Synthetic Pesticides protect a property. 

What if I could tell you that you could treat your property one time and be done with many common pests for 5 years?  Wouldn't you jump at it?  Well, being on the bleeding edge is where those claims will be possible.  Organic Pest Solutions will offering the best service with no thought to suppressing new technology or knowledge in the interest of profiting from using inferior products for reoccurring service contracts...  I am interested in developing the best products and practices on the market and working myself out of business helping my clients become "Pest Free, Safely and Naturally."  There are always other problems that I can solve through other businesses.

That is why Tradd Cotter (Mushroom Mountain) and Sam Leslie (Organic Pest Solutions) are teaming up to work together on bringing new knowledge and technology to South Carolina, the United States, and the World.  We are going to be working on several projects--check back for more info as we keep developing ideas and practices and products.  We are proponents of Capitalism with a conscience.  Be Profitable, but not at the expense of clients.  We want our respective clients to know that we are going out of the way to serve them and are interested in listening to them!

This joint venture will be bigger than both companies--it will help more people than we could help separately.

Know this--what you thought was impossible is--in fact--very possible.  Your understanding of impossible is informed by your experience and knowledge.  Pest Control may be small on most individual's radars, but advances in the field will touch all sectors of industry, production, service, and life. Thanks for reading and learning with me. 

Sam Leslie