Hey everybody, I am really excited to tell you about Tradd Cotter and Mushroom Mountain.  Tradd has been working with Mushrooms for years and has developed a strain of mushroom that will target Fire Ants and Tertmites--Essentially inoculating your property and home from Termites and Fire Ants!  

Are you kidding?  This is the breakthrough of the century!  Can you believe what we can do with Mushrooms?  

Tradd's strain does not target humans or pets and is completely safe for use around homes.  His Strain is considered a Biological Pesticide.

The reason that I am not spreading these mushroom spores on my client's yards yet is because it is tied up in court by a major pesticide manufacturer.  Tradd and Paul Stamets are using mycology for Pest Control and EcoRemediation. Mushrooms are amazing!  

 Please check out Paul's talk on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world! here

Also, here is Tradd Cotter's Youtube channel here and a story on Tradd specifically about his Biological Pesticides here. Liberty, SC at its best! 

Thanks to Tradd and Paul for their hard work for all of us!